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A memoir by Marjan Sierhuis

Good morning everyone



I hope you’ve all been well since my last blog.  I thought you might enjoy some pictures.  So I have attached a few for your viewing enjoyment.

Bloor-Yorkville had it’s l2th annual ice-fest in February.  And I have included a few of the sculptures that were carved by some very talented artists.

This year was a special event.  The theme celebrated Canada’s l50th anniversary.  20,000 lbs. of crystal clear ice was sculpted inspired by the celebration of Canada’s Confederation.  A truly magnificent display.

Of course I also had to pay a visit to Toronto’s Zoo.  What can I say.  It’s one of my favorite places. As you can see from my photos, the pandas are an absolute delight to look at and watch.   If you have an opportunity, please drop by.  I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.  It’s a great place to visit.

Great news.  For all of you who haven’t had an opportunity to read my book, I have made it free on amazon-kindle this week.  You may enjoy reading it.   It is also available in the Toronto Public Library.  Where a hold may be placed on the library site.  The memoir is also available in Ottawa Public Library, Mississauga Public Library, and Regina Public Library.  As well as on the Indigo website, and in several indigo stores.

I will now say goodbye.  It is cold outside.  So please bundle up.

Talk soon.





Hello Everyone


Hi Everyone:   A few pictures for your viewing pleasure.

My pictures were taken a few days ago at Allan’s Gardens, in Toronto.  I used my Samsung 7, smart phone. The picture quality is great. Don’t you agree?  And there are always some gorgeous flowers and plants to capture one’s interest.

Please enjoy.

I hope you’ve all been well.  Everything has been fine with me.  I am still busy promoting my book, and attending book signings.  As you know I am on the Indigo website.  And my book is available in several indigo stores.  The website lists the different stores.  And most are in Toronto.  My next book signing will be at Chapters, on Saturday, March 11, starting at l2:00 noon.  The address is:  Erin Mills Power Centre; 3050 Vega Blvd. Mississauga, Ontario.

I would love to see you there.

My book is also available at Toronto Public Library; Mississauga Public Library; Ottawa Public Library, and Regina Public Library.  As well as the University of Toronto Bookstore;  Please check my website for more details.

For any of you who love to read or for that matter enjoy writing, I am a member of a great writing group.  It is called the Toronto Writer’s Cooperative.  And we meet every Sunday in  the Toronto Reference Library on the 3rd floor, in the discussion room.  Time:  2:00 to 4:00 p.m.  We are a group of like minded individuals who meet and critique each other’s work.  It’s free, and open to everyone.  And we have a fabulous group of members who include  journalists, published author’s, poets, etc. and writing instructors.

The email address is;  John Miller is founder of the group.  And I am sure he would love to hear from you.

On March 5, Catherine Dorton will be conducting a workshop in the Reference Library.  She is a freelance editor and proofreader with many years of experience.  The workshop will be held on the 3rd floor.  It will  be in the Discussion Room, starting at 2:00 p.m.  It should be a fun day.  As well as informative.  Hope to see you there.

If you send an email to I am sure you will be able to subscribe to upcoming group events.

Well that’s all I have to say for now.  My second book is calling out for some attention.   I’ll let you know when it’s completed.  At the moment it remains a work in progress.  The little rascal is somewhat of a brain teaser, and keeps me challenged while I try to come up with new ideas, and interesting plot twists.

Keep well.

Talk soon.




Happy Holidays

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Hello Everyone.


I hope you’ve all been well, and have bundled up whenever you’ve ventured outside lately.  It’s been quite chilly.  And please be careful when you drive or use the sidewalks.   Both can be quite slippery.   Also a friendly reminder to “wash those hands” frequently.  Bugs can be quite stubborn, and like to take ownership of our body.   And they never seem to ask for our permission.


I’ve decided to share some photos with you today.  I think you will enjoy them.   They may even give you a chuckle. During the last few weeks, of this month,  I have visited the Toronto Zoo as well as Allan Gardens in Toronto.  As I have mentioned in previous blogs these are two of my favourite places.   I wanted to try the camera and video component on my new Samsung  phone.  And I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the pictures.    See what you think.

The pictures  from the zoo are quite delightful.  I am certain the animals knew they were having their pictures taken.   They became very active and quite delightful to watch.  I see some stars in the making.  Address: 2000 Meadowvale Road, Toronto. Open: 9:30a.m.-4:30p.m. daily.   (416) 392-5929.

If you have an opportunity to visit the Toronto Zoo please do so.  It’s a fun place, with many beautiful, and interesting animals, and open 364 days of the year. And a great learning experience for people of all ages.  By the way, don’t forget your camera. You can also pack a lunch, or purchase  food at the various food outlets.  And yes,  there is a Tim Hortons on site, for all you fans.

Last but not least is Allan Gardens Conservatory.  As you know it is a tourist attraction in downtown Toronto, and well worth the visit.  They have a spectacular Christmas flower show, and open daily from l0a.m. to 5.00 p.m.  You can view the conservatory by candlelight with extended hours until 7:00 p.m. on weekends of Dec. 7,8,l4,l5,21,22.  website: http/


Before I go I would like to mention that my first novel is now available in a few libraries.  And if you have an up to date library card you can place a hold on the novel:;  also available in www.mississaugapubliclibrary;  and

I will also keep you posted on the days I have my signings.  I usually list them on my twitter page: @sierhuismarjan; or my author’s page on facebook. Should you be in the neighbourhood during a signing, please stop by for a visit or a chat.

For those of you who may have wondered, about my second book it remains a work in progress.   I will keep you posted.

Well that is it for now.  Enjoy a healthy, and happy holiday season.  And may you stay well.

If I take any more  photos, that I think you may enjoy, I promise to post them on my website.

Talk soon.









Hudson’s Bay, Christmas Windows on Queen Street, Toronto


Hello Everyone:

They unveiled the Christmas window’s at Hudson’s Bay/ Saks store on Queen Street, a few days ago.  And they have an animal theme this year.  It’s really cute.  If you happen to be in the city this holiday season don’t forget to stop by the Queen Street store.

Have yourself a wonderful weekend.






Hope you’ve all been well.  All is well with me.  I have added a few new books to my “must read”  list.  And they include Liza Marklund’s  Red Wolf.  Lisa’s books are based on reporter Annika Bengtzon and have become international hits.  Selling 9 million copies in 30 languages.  I am adding this book to my “bucket list.” and will give you a review after I have read it.

If you check my goodread’s dashboard you will see that my taste in books run the gamut.  And include bibliographies, thrillers, memoirs, mysteries.  Just to name a few.  But as the saying goes– variety is the spice of life.

If  you are free on a Sunday afternoon, why don’t you drop by the Toronto Reference Library.  My writer’s group meets at 2:00 p.m. on the 3rd floor, and we discuss author’s works.  And it is open to everyone.  Who knows.  You may even be motivated to start writing your own book.  Hope to see you there.

The Toronto Writer’s Co-operative is launching the 2016 edition of its anthology.  It will be on November 6, at 2:00 p.m,  in the Hinton Learning Centre, on the 3rd floor of the Toronto Reference Library.  I will be one of a group of authors who will be reading their short stories.  Please come join us.

And last but not least.  The Albert Campbell Library, 496 Birchmount Road, Scarborough has a local author’s evening, the 3rd Wednesday of each month.  Refreshments are free.   And it is open to everyone.

Well, I will say goodbye for now.  I am working on my second book.  But that is all I will say at the moment.  I plan to keep you in suspense.

Bye for now.

Talk soon.







Thanksgiving Day Weekend

Hello Everyone:

I hope you are all well.  And had a lovely weekend.  Please enjoy my pictures from Allan Gardens in Toronto, and Toronto Riverdale Farm.   Wonderful places to visit, anytime of the year.

If you should happen to be at the Eglinton Centre: Yonge and Eglinton, on Friday, October l4 from 4:00 – 7:00 p.m I would love to meet you.  I will be there for a book signing in the Indigo store.

All the best.  Talk soon.

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Indie Author Day–North York Library (416) 395-5691

Hello Everyone:

Hope you are all keeping well.  Just a little information I would like to share with you.  On Saturday, Oct. 8– North York Library is playing host for Indie Author Day.  It should be an extremely interesting and informative experience.  I will be there from 1:00 to 4:00 p.m. And I hope I have an opportunity to meet all of you.  There will also be a self publishing workshop from 3:00 to 4:00 for those of you who are ready to “share your story with the world.”

I will be at Chapters: Eglinton Centre, on Friday, October l4 from 4:00 to 7:00 p.m.  for a book signing.

You may not know this but my book is now available to be borrowed through the Toronto Public Library.

For those of you who love books as much as I do, librarian Maria Samurin plays host for “local author’s night” every third Wednesday each month at the Albert Campbell Library, Scarborough.  (416) 396-8903.  This is a great opportunity to meet a group of very  talented authors, tell their story.  Followed by a discussion period.

Last but not least, I read a cute story the other day by  J .Marshall Freeman; :  titled The Grasshopper’s Song.  If you have some free “reading” time you may wish to check it out.  You may enjoy it as much as I did.

Have yourselves a fabulous weekend.

Talk soon.






Hello Everyone


Hope you’ve all been well since my last post.  Time seems to fly doesn’t it?  I can’t believe summer is over.  And thanksgiving is just around the corner.  I’ve been doing well.  Will be getting my flu shot this year.  A must for me since I work in an Intensive Care Unit.  And if your not sure whether you should have one.  Please consult your physician.  He or she will  know  best.

I have a couple of book signings in October.  And would love to see you at either one, so we can have a chat.  The first signing is Saturday, Oct. 8 from l:00 p.m – 4:00 p.m. at North York Central Library for Indie Author Day.

The second signing is on Friday, October l4,  at Indigo. Eglinton Ave. and Yonge Street  from 4:00- 7:00 p.m.  This  store is a wonderful place to browse, with a fantastic selection of books.

Speaking about books mine may also now be borrowed  through the Toronto Public Library System.

And  now  I would like to take this opportunity to speak about Maria Samurin.  Maria is one of Toronto’s finest librarians who works at the Albert Campbell Library.  It is located at 496 Birchmount Rd. in Scarborough.  416 396-8890.  Once a month Maria has a local author’s night.  And during the evening one has an opportunity to listen to and meet published authors who  will speak about their books.  This is then followed by an answer period.  What  a fabulous way to meet  someone  you may have heard about,  but would never have met under any other circumstances!  Perhaps a once in a lifetime opportunity.  I have attended a few author nights and I would highly recommend it to anyone who is a lover of books, and wishes to meet like minded individuals.

Please contact Maria at the following email address if you have any further questions.

I will say goodbye for now.  Stay well.

And be good….








Hello everyone.

Here I am at Ripley’s Aquarium in Toronto in the company of my two beautiful great-nieces.  I never grow tired of visiting this wonderful place.  And here I am once again, and this time with my family.  We had a fantastic time.  If you haven’t had a chance to stop by this remarkable site please put it on your to-do list.  The fish are quite beautiful and amazing to watch. And don’t forget to take lots of pictures!

I hope you’ve all been well since I last blogged.  Many people have told me they’ve enjoyed this summer because they’ve been able to participate in many outdoor activities with their families.   I’m sure you will agree that it’s been very warm.  Actually it’s been quite hot when you factor in the humidity but no one I have spoken to has complained.  They prefer the warm weather over the cold any day, they tell me.

I’ve been well.  My two book signings in the indigo stores over the last two weekends went well.    I had a wonderful time.  And  met many interesting people who shared their own experiences with me.  Perhaps you’ve thought of writing your own book someday.  Sometimes one needs a little push  to get started but many libraries, and schools offer writing courses.  And that may be all the incentive you need.

I will say goodbye for now.  Keep well.  And enjoy the rest of your summer.

Talk soon.









Warm Weather




Good Morning everyone:

I hope you’ve all been well since my last blog.  I’m sure you’ve all noticed that the temperatures have been very warm.  But we shouldn’t complain.  After all it makes us feel that we’ve had a summer this year.   But please stay well hydrated, and wear a sunblock when outside.  Especially if you are outside for an extended period of time.  Sun damage is accumulative.  A little more advice if you don’t mind, please  keep washing those hands.  After all we want you to stay healthy so you can enjoy the summer, and any other time of the year.

I have some exciting news I would like to share with you.  Two book signings coming up in August of this year.

Sat. Aug. 6:   l2:00 to 3:00 p.m.  At Indigo in Richmond Hill.  The store is located on Yonge Street.

Sat. Aug.13   11:00 a.m.  and on.  At Chapters in Newmarket, Ontario.  Yonge Street.

My book went onto the Indigo website this week as well.  So it is now available there, as well as in some of the stores.


I must go.  But we will talk soon.








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